Description : Right-hand cutting reamer with...

Hunger Expanding Reamer Type K

Description :
Right-hand cutting reamer with expanding blades. Parallel shank with square at the back and integral pilot with sliding cone bush at the front of the reamer. Due to the unique Hunger relief grinding operation, the blades have a progressively increasing clearance angle, giving a softer cutting action. Starting with size K12 the adjustment nut is marked with a circular scale. One graduation of the scale corresponds to an alternation of the reamer diameter by 0,01mm.

Application :
The precision reamer for inline reaming of holes. The cone bush holds the reamer in exact alignment when reaming two holes.

Order Information :
The reamers are available with standard blades made from high quality special steel to ensure superior cutting efficiency. The reamers are also available with hard chromium coated blades. This finish has superior hardness in combination with a low friction coefficient. This reamers of the "hard chromium" series are particularly suitable for reaming abrasive materials and materials with a tendency to adhere and to build-up the cutting edge.

Hunger Reamer Replacement Blades Type K

Please select the blade variation. You can chose between...

Hunger Reamer Cone Bush Type K

Conical Bushing as a sparepart for reamer type K.

Hunger Reamer Replacement Nuts Type K

We deliver a set of 2 nuts for the concerning reamer. Up...

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