Changeable pilot for reamer type U. You can...

Hunger Reamer Pilots Type U

Changeable pilot for reamer type U.
You can chose between standard pilots as sparepart, or you decide for an extra long option in different variations.

Description :
Each pilot has a square at the one end and a female cone at the other end.
The female cone in the pilot is designed to receive the mating male cone at the reamer body. Pilot and reamer body are interlocked by a bayonet type coupling. As the mating cones usually stick firmly together, the use of a plastic hammer is recommended to loosen the firm contact before removing the pilot from the reamer body. Apply ligth taps onto the pilot around the female cone. With the contact thus, turn the pilot clockwise with respect to the reamer body until the triangular projection provided at the male cone is in the middle of the recess provided in the female cone. Then withdraw pilot from reamer body.

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